Suzanne Anderson

A hippie named Jim introduced me to oils over 40 years ago, when I took years of Saturday painting classes with him as a teenager in LA. A self-supporting artist with a caveman appearance, he had very strict rules about painting, many of which I still follow.

I continued painting through college in San Francisco, where my artist roommate had a day job at a fabulous art supply store and I first learned about working with high-quality materials, thanks to generous employee discounts!

Living in Paris through the mid 90's reawakened my need to paint. Surrounded by fabulous art, and with the time to explore its dozens of museums, it was exhilarating to find art held in such universal regard. It seemed everyone had original art in their homes, even folks my age. It was a revelation -- good art in one's home seemed to be as important as decent cookware and adequate CD collection, at least!

In the past decade, I have been fortunate to study with many wonderful artists: Xhaoming Wu, for his figurative style; Victor Sandblom; and Pam Ingalls, with whom I traveled to Italy for a full week of painting. I exhibit casually, usually at charitable benefits important to me, and art auctions. My work previously been exhibited at the Insights Gallery in Anacortes, Washington. I accept some commission work, price contingent on subject and finished size. For more details, e-mail me at



My art has been displayed at the University of Washington, Coastal Kitchen Restaurant on Seattle's Capitol Hill, and recently completed worldwide showings in Anacortes and Vashon Island.